Who We Are

The Abundant Table (a 501c3 non-profit corporation) is a sustainable working farm that provides faith-rooted, land-based and farm-to-school experiential learning opportunities for school-aged children, youth, young adults and communities. We create greater access to sustainably grown foods for the benefit of all Ventura County residents, produced from a consciousness of ecological, social and spiritual well-being.  Our mission seeks to change lives and systems by creating sustainable relationships to the land and local community.

Our farm produces a diverse yield of crops, grown using sustainable, organic principles, which we provide to local schools, sell as part of our community supported agriculture (CSA) program and donate to the local community through food banks and faith-based institutions. The Abundant Table offers innovative, farm-based programs for public schools and school-aged children to promote healthy eating, good nutrition and a greater connection to our diverse agricultural community, as well as youth development and leadership opportunities through our Rooted Futures, Seedlings Youth Immersion Project, and Episcopal Service Corps internship programs.  A grassroots, farm church community nurtures and guides our social justice and community work.


The Abundant Table established its roots in 2004 as a campus ministry at California State University, Channel Islands and quickly evolved into a progressive ministry of the Episcopal and Lutheran churches, engaging people from the university and wider community in a mission to transform our food system towards increased health for all people, while practicing responsible stewardship and connection to the earth.

In 2009, through the generous support of Trinity Wall Street and DeBusschere Ranch, The Abundant Table started a one to two year Episcopal Service Corps internship for young adults to work on a local, sustainable farm, live in intentional community and engage in social justice building in their community and through the farm church.  The interns are integral in supporting The Abundant Table’s mission to change lives and systems by creating sustainable relationships to the land and local community.

Transforming young lives

The Abundant Table has expanded its commitment to youth through the development of two key farm education programs:

    • Rooted Futures —an experiential farm-based health and nutrition program for youth living within under-served communities.
    • Seedlings Youth Immersion Project –a one-day to week-long transformative journey (pilgrimage) focusing on responsible stewardship of the earth, justice for farm workers, and spiritual formation.

Both projects focus on empowering youth to become agents of change and problem solvers in their homes, schools and communities on issues of sustainable living, food system change and healthy eating. In 2010-2011 over 1,000 youth and young adults participated in our programs.

Caring for the Land, Creating Healthy Communities, Cultivating Food Justice

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