Eco-farm conference, thoughts on our CSA ministry, and seal puppies.

January 20th through 23rd found Erynn, Sarah and I braving a long and rainy drive up to Monterey to participate in the 30th annual Eco-Farm Conference. Where to begin? Well, the opening plenary began with Wes Jackson (from the Land Institute) and Frances Moore Lappé (author of “Diet for a more »

A farm student's perspective on education

Photo from This last week, the Atlantic published a disappointing article by Caitlin Flanagan criticizing school gardens, in particular Alice Water’s famous Berkeley garden. essay writers online Her argument is essentially that education in the garden is useless; or worse, it inhibits children from moving up in cultural and more »

something different

Lately I’ve been reading Bill McKibben’s book Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future. His central argument is that the affluent West’s single-minded pursuit of economic growth and increased efficiency is making us unhappy and the planet sick. In support of the former claim, McKibben cites a more »