CSA Subscription Types and Purchasing Plans

Purchase four, eight, or twelve weeks of regular or large share CSA boxes at a time CSAcolumn

LARGE SHARE:  $40/Large-sized box (15-20 produce items), choose weekly or bi-weekly delivery

REGULAR SHARE: $25/Regular-sized box (7-10 produce items), choose weekly or biweekly delivery

New members Click here to subscribe to our CSA.

Members click here to login to your account or check out our Veggie Chart to identify what’s in your box.

Why choose a CSA?

It is a simple way of building a direct relationship between the farmer, farm, food that benefits you, your family and your community, through:

    • High quality, ultra-fresh, and delicious locally grown produce delivered to your door or a conveniently located pick-up site;
    • CSA proceeds support important farm-to-school and nutrition education programs within Ventura County’s underserved schools and community groups to promote healthy eating;
    • Farm land in Ventura County stays agricultural and is cultivated using sustainable, earth-friendly practices and a commitment to food justice;
    • A deeper connection to the local food system, your farmer and what it means to eat seasonally and healthfully through our informative newsletter, with cooking and preserving tips and recipes.

For more information on our CSA pick up sites, click here.


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