The Abundant Table connects land, community, and spirituality. As an ecumenical, interfaith ministry of the Episcopal and Lutheran Churches, the Farm to Faith program includes The Abundant Table Farm Church, and invites people of all faith traditions to explore spirituality in connection with the land.

The Abundant Table has hosted various religious communities, such as church groups, synagogue congregations, seminary students, interfaith volunteer projects, alternative spring breaks, and more.  Our interns regularly speak in churches and religious communities throughout Ventura County.

The Abundant Table—faith-rooted in the soil and growing with grace.

Religious Heritage

Born out of a recognition of the deep connection between our physical and spiritual needs, The Abundant Table offers opportunities for communities to connect farm work, spirituality, and social justice within a progressive Judeo-Christian tradition that welcomes people from all perspectives and backgrounds.

Judeo-Christian tradition is rich with connections to the natural world and a call to social justice. As humanity’s negative impact on the natural world grows with each passing year, our core values of love, justice and compassion invite us to respond in new and meaningful ways. The biblical instruction to care for the earth is given new life in the context of current ecological degradation.

The Abundant Table invites you to connect farm work, spirituality, and social justice through our:

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