The Abundant Table offers innovative, farm-based programs for public schools and school-aged children (preK-12) to promote healthy eating, good nutrition, environmental stewardship, and a greater connection to our diverse agricultural community. Visiting youth engage their bodies, senses, and minds while exploring farm eco-systems, plant biology, soil science, organic farming practices, global and local food systems and economies.


During our 1-3 hour farm field trips, participants will get to:

  • Help plant, weed, and harvest seasonal vegetables with the farmers in the field
  • Prepare and eat the “fruits” of their labor together on the farm-from a simple carrot snack to veggie “burritos” to kale smoothies
  • Raise their own questions and hear the stories of Join the Farm! farmworkers during an interactive question and answer time
  • Older participants may also learn about composting, water conservation, ecology, the local and global food system, and food preparation techniques.

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