Of Pie and Pentecost

In celebration of Pentecost Sunday, the day in the Christian liturgical tradition earn money writing online when the Spirit of God descended on the disciples of Jesus, I baked a “Tongues of Flame” pie for our potluck dinner. Loquats from our backyard and mangos saved from a Whole Foods dumpster more »

Eco-farm conference, thoughts on our CSA ministry, and seal puppies.

January 20th through 23rd found Erynn, Sarah and I braving a long and rainy drive up to Monterey to participate in the 30th annual Eco-Farm Conference. Where to begin? Well, the opening plenary began with Wes Jackson (from the Land Institute) and Frances Moore Lappé (author of “Diet for a more »


In high school I spent some time at the Sisters of Notre Dame convent adjacent to my school. The nuns sent an open invitation to all the La Reina girls and I was one of about 3 girls who accepted. I thoroughly enjoyed Sister Antoinette Marie and Sr. Lisa. They more »

Church: The remix

Spirituality and religion have been two fairly separate things for me for some time. Spiritual experiences generally fell under the realm of connection with the natural world, sometimes resulting in supernatural feelings of meaning and belonging. Paddling out in the ocean, feeling the salt seep into my pores, gentle waves more »