what I leave behind

At our big start-of-the-project celebration last August, Julie asked each of us interns to put <a href=”http://abundanttableorganicfarming.blogspot.com/2009/09/assignment.html”>something on the mantel</a> of the community room as a symbol of our presence on the farm this year. At our closing gathering a few weeks ago we each took those symbols and were more »

many hands…

This morning I successfully orchestrated a crop mob. What does one do with a group of 30 adult volunteers from Excel Charter Academy in LA who want to volunteer a few hours for a farming cause to mark Cesar Chavez day? You make them weed. And they did. I wish more »


Last week, it started. Little brown ovals, the first few of which were scattered around the coop, but which are now concentrated in the nesting box. The chickens are laying eggs. After a really rough couple of months (two chickens died, and two got sick and haven’t really gotten better), more »

my own two hands

This Friday afternoon was spa time at the Farm. A few weeks ago while staffing a table promoting the CSA at the local YMCA (which mostly meant chatting up the assembled chiropractors), Kat won a free office spa treatment for eight, and this afternoon the lady from BeautiControl came out more »