Lisa’s Final Reflection 6.01.17

Dearest CSA Community,

This past month marked the end of my seminary internship year with the Abundant Table and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Among my other projects, it has been a joy to help edit and collaborate this weekly newsletter!

My time here this past year has left me anew in so many ways, transformed in my relationship to the land that homes and feeds me; to the community of neighbors near and far; to my ever-expanding definition and understanding of justice

and the sometimes unexpected places to which it calls; and to being a part of something incredibly brave, with all of the risk and passion and imagination associated therein. It seems no matter which way one approaches the many offerings of the Abundant Table, there is great sustenance to be found.

Photo credit: Molly DeBusschere

One of my greatest joys has been working with people to help highlight their own leadership and community-building skills. I had the privilege of doing this in a number of ways during the development of the Journey Together program this past year. During our mini-program this spring, we wanted to pilot an internship program specifically for high-school students to see if this might be something we can explore on a larger scale in the future.

Photo credit: Molly DeBusschere

Molly DeBusschere was our courageous and creative high-school intern this past session and she created a wonderful video highlighting beautiful photographs of our time together out in the fields. She also reflected thoughtfully on her experience:

She writes:

 While being on the farm for the Journey Together Internship program, I learned that a lot of people don’t know about and don’t get to spend very much time on farms and families really enjoy being outside on the farm with their kids. Also, I learned that Journey Together is a good way to meet new people. It was really beneficial to me because I got to meet and talk to two doctors about their profession and what medical school will be like if I get there.

One of my favorite parts of being on the farm was having the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the outdoors while taking pictures of the wildlife and plants. Also, during the last session, just hanging out and getting to eat homemade foods and fresh strawberries outside was really relaxing and fun for me. -Molly DeBusschere


Photo credit: Molly DeBusschere

I hope you delight in the photographs featured in this newsletter and enjoy her video project as well. Thank you, Molly, for your time, creativity, passion and sense of adventure in trying this out!

And a heartfelt thank you to the Abundant Table community; it has been a privilege working with you and I look forward to staying connected in meaningful ways in the future!

With gratitude and joy,

Lisa Devine

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  1. Beautiful testimonial on the importance of getting close to the soil of this beautiful earth with family and friends. Thank you❤️

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