Reyna’s Treinteñera

If you are connected to us over social media (click here to take a look at our Facebook!) in any way, then perhaps you’ve noticed that the farm team at Join the Farm has had a spectacular last couple of weeks.
Mainly, our very own Farmer Reyna turned thirty years old and celebrated with a triumphant birthday party that included not only delicious chow and way too much cake, but also a salsa dancing lesson and mariachi serenades.

 Reyna dancing with the mariachi musicians


Since Reyna didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate her fifteenth birthday with a traditional quinceañera event, as she was a new immigrant working the fields on what should have been a rite of passage in her faith and community, we marked this important life event with a “double quinceañera” of sorts, or a treintañera! Double the age, double the fun!

Not only was this occasion an important one for Reyna and her family, as it represented a time to take a step back and reflect on the good years, good work and good people that have been a part of her life since she turned fifteen so long ago, it was also important for the farm team in that it gave us a chance to celebrate the hard work that Reyna has poured into Join the Farm. It is not often that we see each other dressed in something other than muddy flannel or (in my case) obscenely ripped jeans, so to come together to dance, to eat and to be fabulous in honor of Reyna was a real treat. Hopefully, you will get a chance to hear from Reyna herself in the next few weeks about what this event has meant to her.


From left to glamorous right: The Abundant Table/Join the Farm staff-

Amy, Sarah, Jeannette, Reyna, Angela, Raquel and Erynn


It was also an opportunity to challenge the widely-held notion in our day and age that making farming your life’s work is foolhardy and penniless work for men only! Although the farm has most certainly has its ups-and-downs- and sideways, and curliques!- we are still here and we are still having fun. It is certainly possible to be really good at weeding- and dancing!


Thanks to all who have supported your farmers through this warm winter season!


Now let’s take a look at the interesting new winter veggies that have been in your boxes for the past couple of weeks!


Meet kohlrabi:


With a taste that is similar to a broccoli stem or cabbage heart, kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked. While the leaves are edible and can be cooked similarly to kale or collard, make sure to peel the kohlrabi bulb of its outer layer- it’s tough and dense when cooked!
Click here for a list of kohlrabi recipes.


Meet napa cabbage:

Commonly used in many East Asian dishes, napa cabbage is also known as Chinese cabbage. It is the main ingredient in the Korean dish, kimchi, and in many Chinese hotpot soup recipes.

Click here for a list of napa cabbage recipes.



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