Sponsor a Feast! Helping Neighbors in Need and Supporting our Farmers.

To Friends and Family far and near…

We hope your holiday tables were and will be filled with delicious and healthy food, and that a spirit of thanksgiving for the earth’s generosity and life’s deep beauty will be in the hearts of those who gather with you.  

This Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday Season, we need  your help in meeting two needs: (1) the need of our farm to find a home for its abundant produce while the schools who normally buy our veggies are on break and many of our CSA members on vacation; and (2) the need of our low-income neighbors to have access to sustainably grown, healthy food.


Your donation today for $40 can meet both of those needs!  In your honor, we will share a box of farm-fresh CSA produce to a family or Food Bank who needs it and will love it. If you are a current CSA member or if you are an Abundant Table/Join the Farm! supporter, consider “Sponsoring a Feast” for a family in need and at the same time supporting our farm.

Please make your tax-deductible donation through PayPal:

or mail a check to: 

The Abundant Table  P.O. Box 2305 Camarillo, CA 93011.

Mark in the memo: “Sponsor a Feast”.

Grateful that we are all in this together,

The Abundant Table Community

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