Milestones in the Dirt: my road to farming

Hello! I am Aminah Hassoun and I hope to capture who I am, my journey to the Abundant Table, and my hopes for the future through a visual display. Enjoy!

Photo 1: The Hassoun Family

This is where my story begins: in the heart of a big family growing up in Oxnard, Ca. I think this is a good representation of our best side! (I’m on the far right). —————————-

Photo 2: College Changed My Life, Yo!

I graduated from California Lutheran University in May 2012 with a double major in political science and religion. And like any self-proclaimed nerd, I love my studies! College awakened me to my interests and my potential to contribute to the world, and undoubtedly I see the world in new colors today. I also formed close relationships with my beloved professors who encouraged and challenged me and taught me the true meaning of the pursuit of truth and knowledge. In the Religion Department (pictured here), I found a new family—of scholars and friends—whose love of learning and teaching I hope to live out in my own life.


Photo 3: The SEEd Project!

It was also at CLU that I fell in love with gardening and growing food. I helped to start the campus community garden and served as the volunteer coordinator. Besides working (and playing, lets face it, work was the excuse but we had fun!) in the dirt, my favorite moments were spent with students, as the enthusiasm of discovery on their faces brought a joy to my own work. I was in the garden when I first proclaimed, “This what I want to do…I want to be a FARMER!” and the rest is all part of the beginning…


Photo 4: And so, I joined the living farm.

As an intern at “Join the Farm!” I have learned a tremendous wealth of practical knowledge in farming (thank you, Reyna and Guadalupe!) and alongside my housemates I am living into a meaningful life of empowered womanhood!

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