Greetings from Intern Xochitl Rocha

Hello all! I’m Xochitl Rocha (left) and hail from Oxnard. Part of what drew me to the Abundant Table is because I was looking for job opportunities locally after not living in the area for five years. I participated in a volunteer program last year called Mercy Volunteer Corps in Detroit. I discovered the Abundant Table Farm Project internship towards the end of my service year and thought that this was the perfect opportunity for me to move back to Ventura County and to continue living in an intentional community, while enriching my spirituality. I also wanted to get my hands dirty and learn about sustainable agriculture through organic farming and gardening while giving back to the community here.

I am the Volunteer Coordinator at Community Roots Garden and love it there. I am new to gardening and have learned so much in the past five months and continue to be amazed everyday by all that I am learning. I am seeing our food system in a different way now and each time that I go into a grocery store and am in the produce section think of the whole process of how it gets there. I am thankful for everyone that I have been meeting through the internship and love the community that I am part of at the Abundant Table. I am excited for all there is to come!

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  1. Dear Xochitl,
    I love your introduction here and would like to get to know you better–and your work at the Community Roots Garden. You came at a time of huge transition for the garden and I personally want to thank you for your contributions there.
    Peace be with you always,

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