Major Transition on the Farm

Dear Friends of Join the Farm! and the Abundant Table,

First, thank you for your support and loyalty over the years-it has  been a joy to partner with you in our shared commitment to healthy food and strong communities. We are writing to let you know about an important organizational change that will be taking place in the coming months. Please take the time to read the following message carefully.

Join the Farm! was initially conceived as a for-profit, organic CSA attached to DeBusschere Family Farms. Since the beginning, Join the Farm! has also been the farm site of the Abundant Table, an organization that hosts farm interns and programs that address issues of healthy eating and food justice. The Abundant Table also serves as a campus (CSUCI) and community ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, and provides wonderful, interfaith opportunities for youth and other groups to learn about healthy food and to experience farm life.

Members of DeBusschere Family Farms and the Abundant Table governing board have recently decided that the Abundant Table will absorb Join the Farm! and its operations. Over the past several months, it has become clear to us that Join the Farm! is not best defined as a family farm project but as a community farm project, and we believe that the Abundant Table is the most appropriate steward for such a project. Running Join the Farm! as a non-profit CSA is in the best interest of the community, and we are working hard to ensure that the merger will be done as smoothly as possible, especially as Join the Farm! moves to a new model of farming on a different piece of land.

We would like to underscore two points about this transition:

  • Join the Farm! subscribers will continue to receive fabulous shares; during the transition, the CSA will continue to source from its own produce as well as our partner growers. As part of the Abundant Table, Join the Farm! will honor the value of all subscriptions paid prior to the merger.
  • As the Abundant Table takes on the management of Join the Farm!, additional funds are necessary to ensure the continuity of all its programs during the transition. A charitable donation at this time would go a long way. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in the next two months. If each of you pledges $50, we will be well on our way to making this goal a reality.

Please consider donating $10, $50, $100, or as much as you want to give. Donations are tax deductible and can be made via Paypal Donate or by check. Checks should

be made out to The Abundant Table and mailed to: 4720 E. Hueneme Rd, Oxnard, CA 93033.

These two points may seem contradictory, but any merger of this sort requires additional capital for infrastructural and operational investments, as well as extra cash flow to cover unforeseen costs. As a non-profit organization, the Abundant Table relies on grant funding and the generosity of donors to be able to do its work.

Even as we take this new step, the Abundant Table will continue to develop its Farm to School and Farm to Faith programs, to expand its internship offerings, and to work toward sustainable and healthy relationships between people and with the land. All this is deeply consonant with its mission to help transform individual lives and strengthen communities.

Thank you for being loyal customers of Join the Farm! and/or supporters of the Abundant Table. We hope you will continue to support us as we make this transition during a crucial time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (805) 246-1070.

Abundant wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a 2012 filled with joy, peace, and fresh veggies!

Paul DeBusschere and Julie Morris                             Sam Thomas

DeBusschere Family Farms                                        President, Board of Directors                                                                                                        The Abundant Table

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